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Wide field of Rho Ophiuchi

The clouds surrounding the star system Rho Ophiuchi compose one of the regions of star formation closest. Rho Ophiuchi is a binary star system that is in the area of light colors on the right of the image. This star system, located only 400 light years away, is distinguished by surrounding full of colors that include red emission nebula and numerous light dust lanes and dark brown colors.

In the upper right part of the system Rho Ophiuchi molecular cloud is the yellow star Antares. Between Antares and the red emission nebula are M4, a globular cluster of stars distant but coincidentally superimposed. At the bottom of the picture is IC 4592, the Blue Horse Head Nebula. The blue glow that surrounds the Blue Eye Horse Head and there are other stars throughout the image, is a reflection nebula composed of fine dust. To the left of the image there is a geometrically angled reflection nebula cataloged as Sharpless 1. Here, the bright star near the dust vortex creates the light of the reflection nebula surrounding.

While most of these features can be seen with a small telescope pointing to Ophiuchus, Scorpius and Sagittarius constellations, the only way to observe the intricate details of the dust swirls you see in the picture is wearing a long exposure camera.

Crédit: Rogelio Bernal Andreo / Juan Carlos - Magical Universe

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