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💫M81 and M82

M81 and M82

Among the many objects hosted by the Big Dipper, the duo formed by galaxies M81 and M82 is remarkable. The two objects are distant only from what is allowed to observe it together and appreciate their differences. M81 is an elliptical galaxy seen from three-quarters, vast, diffuse oval with a marked and almost punctual nucleus. As for M82, it is an irregular galaxy seen from the edge, smaller but contrasting and whose shape is reminiscent of what is happening.

ASA10" Telescope
Moravian G2-4000 CCD Camera
Paramount MyT
Astrodon filters
L : 154x300s
RGB : (48x300s) x3
Ha : 48x900s
Total exposure : 36hrd
FRANCE - Lorraine

Treatment by Pixinsight and Photoshop.

Credits : Thomas LELU

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