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💫Sh2-187 (LBN 630) in Cassiopeia

The distance was estimated by spectrophotometry around 1440 parsecs (about 4700 light-years). The cloud is part of a large molecular complex at the center of which is a high-speed molecular beam from a source of infrared radiation labeled S 187 IRS, located very close to another powerful source, IRAS 01202 + 6133.
The visible part of the cloud is surrounded by a neutral hydrogen envelope, detectable at wavelengths other than visible, whose total mass can be estimated at about 7,600 solar masses.
His age can be estimated at around 100-200 000 years old.

Evidence of the presence of star formation phenomena can be identified in the numerous infrared sources discovered in the nebula, such as those just mentioned, in particular the molecular beam; in particular, one of the most powerful sources is IRAS 01202 + 6133.

ASA10" Telescope
Moravian G2-4000 CCD camera
Paramount MyT
Astrodon filters
Luminance : 139x300" -15C bin 1x1
RGB :  (22x300")x3 -15C bin 1x1
Total exposure : 17hrs
FRANCE - Lorraine
Credits : Thomas LELU

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